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  • CEO

    Shepherd's Hope, Inc.
    Job Description

    The Opportunity

     Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. seeks a dynamic and distinguished executive to serve as its next Chief Executive Officer.
    Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. is an innovative organization that provides access to free health care services to the uninsured living throughout Central Florida. This is a unique opportunity to serve as the leader of the largest free and charitable clinic in the state of Florida.
    Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. serves approximately 20,000 men, women and children annually through a comprehensive continuum of primary and secondary/specialty medical services.  Services and resources included are:
    • 5 health center locations:
      • Longwood
      • Downtown Orlando
      • East Orlando
      • Winter Garden
      • Ocoee
    • Primary Care
    • Specialty Care
    • Medication clinics
    • Care coordination and case management
    • Prevention, intervention and outreach services
    Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. is searching for a bold, strategic thinker, a superb communicator and a strong relationship builder with top-tier management, leadership and philanthropy experience, skilled at both navigating the health care landscape and working at the intersection of vision, policy and advocacy. The next CEO will build on the accomplishments to date and set a plan for future growth through programs, services and partnerships. The CEO will be a thought leader in public health and a critical leader in continuing the positioning of Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. at the forefront as the “voice for the uninsured”.

    Organization Overview

    Shepherd’s Hope is a faith-based not-for-profit organization of volunteers whose mission is to provide access to free health care for the uninsured. 21 years since the first patient was treated the organization has grown to 5 health care centers and is the largest Free and Charitable Clinic in Florida. From its humble beginnings to the present date, 256,000 free primary care and specialty care patient visits have been provided to uninsured men, women and children. In 2017 alone, 19,674 patient visits and medical services were provided to individuals who otherwise might have gone without medical treatment or appeared in local area hospital emergency departments, a 13% increase in capacity from 2016. 3360 (17%) of these patients were children.
    For 2018, through the 3rd qtr, patient capacity is at a 13% increase over the same period prior year indicating that total patient visits are on track to exceed 20,000 for 2018.
    The simplicity of the mission belies the complexity of the process. For every patient seen a labyrinth of resources operates efficiently and interdependently to provide free, essential primary and secondary/specialty medical care to the underserved and uninsured. This innovative healthcare model synchronizes a tightly-woven consortium of 2,800 licensed medical and general professionals (operating under the Florida Department of Health’s Volunteer Healthcare Provider Program). In 2017 alone, these volunteers committed over 46,000 volunteer hours, 3 community hospital systems (Florida Hospital, Orlando Health, and Nemours Children’s Hospital) contributed laboratory, radiological and surgical services with 100 diagnostic and surgical providers contributing medical services and 23 multi-faith partners offered financial and volunteer support. The Organization’s network of individual volunteers and community support and resources exemplifies why Shepherd’s Hope is regarded nationally as an exemplary model of health care.

    Mission, Vision, Values


    Mission Statement

    Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. is a faith based organization of volunteers that exists to provide access to healthcare for the uninsured.


    The voice of the uninsured

    Core Values

    Faith  Respect  People  Service

    Position Summary

    The CEO provides strategic leadership and operational direction to Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. in the development and execution of strategic and operating plans that align with overall organizational strategies. The CEO collaborates with the Board of Directors to assure Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. continues to be a vibrant and integral service and resource for the uninsured of Central Florida and beyond. The CEO will guide the overall direction and create goals and plans for quality, operation and financial management.  She/he will embrace new models of services and care delivery and position the organization for new opportunities by ensuring the right partnerships and services are in place.
    The successful candidate will engender a results-oriented, focused yet collaborative management style, be a visible leader, be an effective communicator, and be able to build and enhance relationships with key individuals, community, business, government and social services organizations across the region and state.  She/he will have significant and broad executive leadership experience within a complex organization focused on providing health related services.

    Reporting Relationships

    The CEO of Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. will report directly to the Board of Directors.
    Reporting to the CEO are the following roles:
    • Vice President of Clinical Operations
    • Vice President of Philanthropy
    • Vice President of Finance
    • Medical Director



    • Under direction of the Board of Directors, establish operating strategies and policies and define long and short-term goals for the operation of the organization. Incorporate the organization's program goals with needs of the community. 
    • Recruit, develop and maintain personnel to meet present and future needs of the organization. Establish operating policies and reporting procedures for all functional areas. 
    • Be a visible and active leader in the community as well as throughout Florida and beyond. Serve on advisory boards and committees which offer the opportunity to promote and support Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. and the services provided. 
    • Communicate the organization's mission and value to community leaders and representatives of potential funding sources. 
    • Acquire and maintain knowledge of the requirements of the funding agencies, governing entities and the organization in regard to reporting procedures and any other requirements which must be met and maintained. 
    • Develop new funding sources and ways to grow the organization without sacrificing current funding sources.  Anticipate changes in economic conditions or climates which may affect funding or restrictions on use of funds. Propose innovative plans to obtain or exceed program objectives when funding may be withdrawn or restricted. 
    • Exercise leadership and management responsibility to ensure the efficient and safe delivery of high quality services that meet the needs of patients, physicians, employees, and the community. 
    • Provide direction and leadership in the development of strategy, leveraging organizational strengths and relationships to execute on key operating/financial metrics and market growth. Manage the performance of the organization to the budget and short-and long-term financial goals. 
    • Assure that Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. provides a positive climate in which employees can thrive.  Builds enthusiasm, participation, and positive morale by clearly defining strategy, and demonstrating respect and appreciation for staff.  Provides proactive, timely communications. 
    • Set direction for the organization. Translate strategic goals and targets to create a compelling agenda that motivates and mobilizes internal key stakeholders. 
    • Pursue intelligent growth by developing innovative ways to recognize and capitalize on new and existing opportunities that meet the demands of the communities and populations served by Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. 
    • Drive strategy execution. Develop and monitor progress against goals and targets and hold others accountable.  Provide regular updates to the Board, executive team, and team members on progress against stated goals and objectives. As healthcare policies and care needs change and external market forces unfold, the CEO will need to be flexible to guide Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. through the changes. 
    • Create a cohesive, responsive organization by eliminating redundancies, capitalizing on economies of scale, and fostering a system mentality. Key operational focus must remain on standardization and systemization to achieve quality clinical outcomes, efficiencies, and positive patient experiences. 
    • Build and maintain strong business relationships with key community members and governmental and social services agencies.  Work collaboratively with leaders to effectively build and maintain strong business relationships.  Rely heavily upon frequent and ongoing interaction to accomplish the goals of improving the health of the communities served. 
    • Serve as a catalyst for fundraising. Enhance fundraising efforts and campaigns. 
    • Work in concert with the clinical leadership to develop strategies to promote quality of care, clinical staff retention and recruitment, and a clinician-friendly environment ensuring that the clinical environment for patients provides the highest quality care. 
    • Identify critical issues for the Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. Board, and maintain a deep understanding of the marketplace, customers, and the broad forces that affect the organization’s future.
     Candidate Qualifications


    Master’s-level Degree (or higher) preferred, but not required, in a related field of study with at least 5+ years’ experience in executive leadership in not-for-profit sector or similar type of organization. Strong fiscal acumen, possessing financial skills to provide direction to the organization.  Comfort in leading faith-based organization.

    Knowledge and Work Experience

    • Extensive executive level experience (CEO or other senior leadership role) in an organization with exemplary quality, growth and sustained financial strength. General health care or social service experience is highly preferable. 
    • Understanding and experience in providing high quality services associated with population health and value-based care. 
    • Experience in organizational transformation and culture development. 
    • Experience that demonstrates understanding of the healthcare public policy environment; including working with federal, state or local agencies on the creation of public policy and grants to enable Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. to capture new partnerships and sources of revenue.  Knows how to develop and leverage relationships with key community figures. 
    • Service on local boards, associations and/or policy advisory groups 
    • Experience working with a Board of Directors. 
    • Must have highly developed interpersonal and communication skills and a strong business acumen. She/he must be able to effectively analyze data, communicate and respond in a thoughtful and timely manner. 
    • Must be comfortable with public speaking. 
    • Strong fiscal acumen, possessing sharp financial skills to provide direction to the organization. Candidates should have a clear track record of advancing entrepreneurial initiatives that have realized growth and strong financial performance. 
    • Strong Experience in fund raising, philanthropy and community involvement. 
    • Experience in identifying and cultivation various funding sources to enhance/expand programs and services offered. 

    Leadership Skills and Competencies

    • Passion for excellence: Believes in exceptional care and service to the community. 
    • Servant leader who is motivated by mission, not personal ego, and is a genuinely compassionate person.  He/she consistently treats others with dignity and respect. 
    • Unimpeachable integrity and outstanding judgment, trustworthiness; a fine-tuned sense of discretion in the handling of confidential and sensitive matters. 
    • Change agent who is creative and challenges the status quo and takes personal ownership for leading change that enhances the organization; inspires others to think positively about change. 
    • Results driven and accountable; sets a climate of achievement; follows through on commitments; takes responsibility for actions; holds others accountable for goal attainment. 
    • Builds teamwork and participation; works together with others to bring out the best in everyone; provides team with useful, caring feedback for growth; does not build silos and is able to leverage teams that work across the organization. 
    • Sets clear performance expectations and can hold others as well as his/her self-accountable. Celebrates successes.  Builds a high performing team with a focus on excellence and achievement orientation. 
    • An inspirational leader who can articulate and gain buy-in to a compelling vision and goals that are needed for success.  Is able to motivate others and gain positive momentum.  Builds commitment to Shepherd’s Hope, Inc.’s legacy, mission and vision. 
    • Is flexible and willing to actively listen to internal and external stakeholders.  Open to their input and feedback.  Has a genuine, open style and partners well with others. 
    • Leads through influence and shepherding versus highly directive. 
    • Brings a passion to his/her role and exudes positive energy and enthusiasm for the challenges and opportunities presented to them. Has strong personal energy and passion required to establish strong and sincere relationships both internally and externally. 
    • Must have an ability to identify, create and foster an organizational culture that is supportive of and builds upon the values and vision of Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. 
    • Must possess a personal presence that is characterized by a sense of honesty, integrity and caring with the ability to inspire and motivate others to promote the philosophy, mission, vision, goals and values of Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. Should have a personal passion in caring for those in need. 

    Salary and Benefits

     Salary range is $90,000 to $110,000, and will reflect experience and qualifications of the final candidate.
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Paid leave and holidays
    • 401K plan with organizational match
    Location of this position is at the Winter Garden central office, but will require travel throughout the clinic locations and Central Florida Community.
     Where to apply
     Qualified applicants may respond to this posting with a resume and cover letter to hr@shepherdshope.org.
    Contact Information

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